With a degree in communication in Amsterdam and a preparatory fine arts school, Vuk Levkovic (born in Yugoslavia in 87) has started his career in the media industry as a creative. Being very sensitive to engaged causes he has worked for several feminist magazines related to arts and music.
After 7 years, Vuk moved to London and decided to take another step in his career becoming a set designer and learning alongside skilled set designers such as Miguel Bento, Alexander Bock or Gary Card.
Wanting to be part of something unique, Vuk created with Athanasia Spathis the duo A+V Studios which has led them to work with incredible artists until june 2022.
Beyond his interest in fine arts and music, Vuk has always had a deep passion for cinema and spatial design. Several artists have influenced him such as David Lynch, Michael Heizer, Jannis Kounellis, Terry Gilliam, James Turrel, Fabienne Verdier, Richard Serra, etc.
From those inspirations, Vuk's style ranges from precise brutalist and edgy creations to minimalist compositions always adding an out-of-the box element that defines him well.

He collaborated with such photographers as Mickael Jansson, Roe Ethridge, Michael Bailey Gates, Allyssa Heuze, Adrian Samson, Maxime Poiblanc, Paul Wetherell, Charles Negre Boris Ovini, Jacques Brun, Joan Braun, Amit Israeli, Casper Sejersen, Vito Fernicola; and such brands as Hermes, Nike, Rimowa, Aesop, Louis Vuitton, Martin Margiela, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Ami and Zara. Among others, his work has been published in Pop Magazine, HotHotHot, Vogue and T Magazine, D La Repubblica, MONCLER, AMI, ISABEL MARANT, GUCCI, BALMAIN, KOCHÉ, MASSIMO DUTTI, DIOR.