Since 15 years, Alice Heart & Mathias Kiss develop an author's vision of scenography inherited from their avant-garde culture at the crossroads of architecture, art, decorative arts or fashion, all supported by the expertise of historical know-how. This approach is based on hybrid artistic paths and practices. After having evolved in the restoration of historical monuments with the Compagnons (a true and ancestral institution), Mathias Kiss is now recognized in the contemporary sphere (Palais de Tokyo, MUDAC, Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille) for his works in which the classical codes of ornament interact with minimalist, land art or conceptual references. These same references are those that led to the meeting with Alice Heart, a graduate of the Ecole d'Arts (Cergy). Her work as an artistic director has been nourished by experiences in curating and collaborations in art, radical scenographic creations in fashion, edition of objects. Both create implementation of in situ installations that stand out for their creative risk-taking, their content in terms of meaning and revealing of the places they occupy.