A+V studios was launched in London as a creative collaboration of Athanasia Spathis and Vuk Levkovic, who share a passion for still-life photography, sculpture and modern art. Currently based in Paris, the duo takes inspiration from art provera movement, brutalist architecture and art installation to create a unique minimalistic aesthetic with a powerful graphic edge. A+V specialize in set design and still life styling, as well as utilizing their skills for installation design.

The duo has collaborated with such photographers as Mickael Jansson, Roe Ethridge Micheal Bailey Gates, Allyssa Heuze, Ivan Ward Rafik, Adrian Samson; and such brands as Hermes, Nike, Rimowa, Aesop, Louis Vuitton, Martin Marigela, Miu Miu, Stella Mccartmney. Among others, their work has been published in Pop Magazine, HotHotHot, Vogue and T Magazine.